We sponsor a free Support Group for adults with BFRBs in San Diego. The Group meets 4 times per year. To learn about meeting dates, visit https://www.facebook.com/bfrbsupport/. You do not have to have a Facebook account to visit the Facebook page.


The first week of October was BFRB Awareness Week. Check out all the videos, events, articles, and more on social media. Dr. Tammy Fletcher has a new video as part of her BFRB Treatment Options series.

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person? Not sure? Take the free test at Dr. Elaine Aron’s website, at www.hsperson.com

We have been studying sensory sensitivity and BFRBs for the last several years, and a surprising number of BFRB clients tested high on Dr. Aron’s HSP test. Does being a Highly Sensitive Person, in other words, feeling sensory stimulation in a heightened manner, lend itself to developing a BFRB? Take the test and find out if it fits for you.

Here is Dr. Tammy Fletcher’s video on Highly Sensitive People. It was made years ago, but the information is still up to date. Check it out 🙂